The top 5 custom crankbait colors

Top 5 custom crankbait colors I have been asked many times what color should I get my baits painted in. Sometimes the answer requires a

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21 Impressive examples of custom painted lures

Gill Fry

Twenty one more examples of the quality work from Bait Werks custom lure painting. Some of these baits were headed as far away as South

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Save 25% on custom painting

Bait Werks May special is 25% off lure painting on customer supplied lures (does not apply to complete lures) Just use the code MAY2012 during

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Clark Reehm and Bait Werks featured in articles on Fishstrong

Hale Bop Lime

Hale White over at Fishstrong recently did an article featuring Elite Series pro Clark Reehm who is part of our pro staff. The article discusses

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11 amazing swimbait paint jobs

Threadfin Shad

Eleven highly customized swimbaits painted right here at Bait Werks custom lure painting. ¬†This batch includes several different brands, from Nate’s to Bull Shads, and

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21 awesome lure photos

These are the last baits painted in March, now on to April painting….

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More custom bait images

I’m behind on editing pictures, but here are some, and more will be coming as soon as I get a chance.

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Working hard, a few more lure images to show for it ….

I’m busting out baits as quickly as I can and still maintain quality, here are a few from some of the recent batches of custom

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Another batch of Bait Werks custom painted gems

Another batch I found on the camera that hadn’t been edited yet….

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More Eye Candy

A few baits from one of the recent batches to come out of the Bait Werks custom lure painting shop. Enjoy

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